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Good days or 'Ache Din' seem to be just around the corner for at least public servants as government is planning amendments in the existing POCA 1988, for the simple reason that POCA in the existing form is creating a fear psychosis amongst top government officials and fear of penal actions (even for honest decisions ) as provided for in POCA acts as a deterrent to effective functioning of officials . Also, according to the ruling government , POCA has only ended up as being a tool for bringing elected governments to a standstill and is a big obstacle in the ease of doing business . This proposal to amend POCA attempts to allay fear amongst public servants and sounds similar to speeches made by former PM and FM . However, one cannot help but wonder as to what has created this sudden urgency to amend POCA which has been cornerstone of the fight against corruption in India and allowed prosecution of senior government functionaries in 2G spectrum and coal scams? Though the proposal seeks to differentiate between cases of intended corruption and erroneous acts in the line of duty , it's dilution may weaken the fight against corruption. It may go either ways and may shelter the corrupt . Watered down version may be used favourably by scamsters who will suddenly feel empowered because even with the right laws , the list of failures in controlling corruption in our country is much longer than successes . The Nation's mood is grim in the wake of large scale scams in banking sector and the government, instead of showing zero tolerance towards scams and scamsters, talks about diluting anti corruption laws which only seems to be an attempt to protect their own in the close knit 'Neta Babu Nexus'. Are we ready or can we even take a chance with the kid glove approach to graft , knowing how deep rooted corruption is in India? When other criminal acts are becoming Harsher and stricter , government's intent to scale down version of POCA 1988 casts a shadow on its real intent of reigning in corruption. Equipped with thorough and deep understanding of POCA1988, KMLawassociates successfully defends those who are falsely implicated under the provisions of POCA in Delhi District courts, Delhi High Court and NCR.
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