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'Live and let live' Or 'Leave and let live'? "A 48 year-old man fell to his death after allegedly being pushed by his daughter and her boyfriend when he got into a fight with the latter", as reported in today's newspaper. Such tragic incidents can be avoided if Indian parents understand and accept the reality that their children are beyond their reach when they legally attain adulthood. In USA and Canada, children often leave the parental nest at the age of 18 But Indian parents make life easy for their children, provide them with every comfort and don’t want to let them go . They want to control the lives of their children for as long as possible and don’t even encourage them to take their own decisions or live life on their own terms. Most parents know, in-theory at least, that children are no longer children when they turn 18 BUT the full significance is not clear until something happens that drives this reality home. KMLAWASSOCIATES is the most reliable, full service law firm in New Delhi, NCR. The legal team of KMLAWASSOCIATES is known for it's personalized and loyal representation in every kind of litigation in Delhi NCR.
KMLAWASSOCIATES is a top rated law firm for all kinds of corporate, commercial and business related legal matters in Courts of Saket, Dwarka, Rohini, Karkardooma, Tishazari, Patiala House and the Delhi High Court. KMLAWASSOCIATES provides the best legal services in all corporate matters in Delhi NCR.
KMLAWASSOCIATES is the most reliable and successful law firm for matters pertaining to Real estate in courts of Saket, Dwarka, Rohini, Karkardooma, Tishazari, Patiala House and Delhi High Court. The expert legal team of KMLAWASSOCIATES provides unmatched legal representation in Delhi NCR in all kinds of property litigation.
SURRENDERING AND SEEKING RELEASE ON BOND WILL NOT BE A MATTER OF RIGHT ANYMORE. A large number of persons accused or wanted in criminal cases have been employing ingenious methods to seek bail wherein they first dishonour summons and warrants issued by the trial courts , then repeatedly move the High Court for quashing of the summons and approach the Supreme Court when the relief is declined by High Court . Such tactics and clever moves have been slammed by the Supreme Court which has stated that section 88 CrPC cannot be claimed as a matter of right by those who appear on their own volition in the court after having ignored the summons or warrants of the trial courts and seek release on furnishing a Bond. KMLAWASSOCIATES is the most trusted law firm for all kinds of Criminal cases and has successfully represented clients in the Courts of Saket, Tishazari , Karkardooma, Patiala House, Dwarka , Rohini , Delhi High Court and Delhi NCR.